What Happened to Chief from Street Outlaws?

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Street Outlaws is a popular reality show on the Discovery Channel that follows the lives of street racers in Oklahoma City. The show features various characters, including Justin Shearer, also known as “Big Chief.” He is one of the most popular personalities on the show, and his absence from recent seasons has left fans wondering what happened to chief from street outlaws.

Big Chief started racing on the streets of Oklahoma City at a young age, and he quickly became known for his skill behind the wheel. In 2013, he became the star of Street Outlaws, and he quickly gained a loyal fan base. He was known for his signature black Pontiac Firebird, also known as “The Crow,” which he used to dominate the Oklahoma City street racing scene.

However, in recent years, Big Chief has been absent from the show. Fans have been left wondering what happened to him and why he hasn’t been on the show. There have been various rumors and speculations about his absence, but the truth is that Big Chief is still very much a part of the Street Outlaws universe.

In 2018

Big Chief was involved in a serious crash while racing his new car, a Pontiac Firebird called “Crowmod.” The accident was captured on video and went viral on social media, causing concern among his fans. The crash left Big Chief with serious injuries, including a broken collarbone, a broken wrist, and other injuries.

After the Accident

Big Chief took a break from racing to recover from his injuries. He focused on his health and spent time with his family. In a statement released after the accident, Big Chief said that he was grateful to be alive and that he was looking forward to getting back to racing as soon as he could.

In 2019

Big Chief returned to Street Outlaws, but he did not participate in the racing events. Instead, he took on a new role as a commentator and mentor to the other racers. He provided insight and commentary during the races and helped the other racers improve their skills.

In 2020

Big Chief returned to racing on the show, but he faced a new challenge. He had to race his former friend and fellow racer, Shawn Ellington, also known as “Murder Nova.” The two had a falling out in 2015, and their rivalry had been building for years. The race was highly anticipated, and it was a close call, but Big Chief ultimately won.

Since Then

Big Chief has continued to race on Street Outlaws, and he has also been involved in other racing events outside of the show. He has also launched his own racing apparel line and has become a popular figure in the racing community.

In Conclusion

Big Chief’s absence from recent seasons of Street Outlaws was due to a serious accident he had in 2018. He took a break from racing to recover from his injuries and returned to the show in 2019 as a commentator and mentor. He resumed racing on the show in 2020 and has continued to be a prominent figure in the racing community. Big Chief’s story is a reminder of the risks and challenges that come with the world of street racing, but also of the resilience and determination of those who love the sport.