Lil Peep Everybody’s Everything Movie Online: A Comprehensive Guide

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The movie “Lil Peep: Everybody’s Everything” is a documentary film that tells the story of Gustav Elijah Åhr, better known as Lil Peep. The movie chronicles the life of the late rapper and highlights the impact he made in the music industry. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about the movie, including where to watch it online.


Gustav Elijah Åhr, popularly known as Lil Peep, was an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. He rose to fame in the mid-2010s with his unique blend of emo and rap music. His music and style quickly gained a loyal following, Lil Peep Everybody’s Everything Movie Online particularly among teenagers and young adults. Unfortunately, Lil Peep died of a drug overdose in November 2017, at the age of 21.

“Everybody’s Everything” is a documentary film that chronicles Lil Peep’s life and career, from his early beginnings to his untimely death. The movie was directed by Sebastian Jones and Ramez Silyan, and executive produced by Terrence Malick. The film offers a deep insight into Lil Peep’s personal life, artistic journey, and the impact he had on his fans and the music industry as a whole.

Lil Peep’s Life and Career

Gustav Elijah Åhr was born on November 1, 1996, in Allentown, Pennsylvania. He grew up in Long Beach, New York, where he attended Long Beach High School. Lil Peep was interested in music from a young age and began writing and recording his songs when he was in high school. He started uploading his music to SoundCloud in 2014, and his popularity grew rapidly.

Lil Peep’s music style was unique, combining elements of emo, punk, and rap. His lyrics often touched on sensitive topics, such as mental health, drug addiction, and heartbreak. He was also known for his androgynous style, which challenged traditional gender norms. Lil Peep released his debut mixtape, “Lil Peep Part One,” in 2015, followed by several other successful projects, including “Hellboy,” “Crybaby,” and “Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt. 1.”

The Making of Everybody’s Everything

“Everybody’s Everything” was made in collaboration with Lil Peep’s family and friends, who provided rare footage and personal insights into the rapper’s life. The movie was initially supposed to be a concert documentary but evolved into a more in-depth exploration of Lil Peep’s life after his sudden death.

The film features interviews with Lil Peep’s mother, Liza Womack, his friends, and collaborators, including Post Malone, iLoveMakonnen, and Smokeasac. It also includes never-before-seen footage of Lil Peep’s performances, recording sessions, and personal moments.

Release Date and Distribution

“Everybody’s Everything” premiered at the South by Southwest Film Festival in March 2019. The film had a limited theatrical release in the United States and other countries, including Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.